Want to extend your coaching programme?​ Keep your personal health coach

Only £15 a month

Proven lifestyle change programme See how Liva changed the lifestyle of Emma and Wayne

Lost 56 pounds in 6 months

Lost 42 pounds in 6 months

Improve your health and wellbeing

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(1) Liva internal statistics these sources under the data part
(2) Liva manage programmes in the UK and Denmark (2020 – 2021)
(3) Liva internal statistics these sources under the data part

Keep your personal health coach – only £15 a month

Continue your health journey with your current coach

With tailormade professional guidance and ongoing support from your personal health coach, we are here to help you develop healthier habits that last.

Your coach will continue to support you on a fortnightly basis and help you keep on track with your new lifestyle.

The extension programme enables you to set up new personal goals and empowers you to make your new healthy habits stick around even after the programme ends.

What do you get?

Track your personal development through the app - you can always follow your goals and the progress you're making

You’ll receive fortnightly, personalised coaching through videos and texts on the app based on your personal needs and goals

Keep working on your customised lifestyle plan and goals together with your coach

Your coach can give you access to +500 inspirational recipes, nutrition advices and exercise routines to help you achieve your personal goals

Even better, you won’t be alone. Alongside personal coaching, you will be paired with a group of people on the same journey, where you can share tips and tricks and get inspired by each other

£ 15 /Month
  • Fixed price every month
  • Fortnightly coaching
  • Cancel your subscription at any time

The extension programme is a programme that we offer to Liva members that are currently on a free programme. If you feel your journey with your Liva Health Coach is ending too soon, we can offer you an extension to your current programme. 

Your Liva Health Coach will continue to check-in with you once your free programme comes to an end through a self-funded option.

It costs £15 per month.

Your Liva Health Coach will check-in every other week with you – for as long as you stay on the extension programme. 

Click on ‘Extend programme’, enter your details, set up your subscription and we’ll do the rest. 

You can sign up today! The payment will not be withdrawn before your free programme ends.

It’s a subscription, so every month it will renew automatically. It will keep renewing until you decide to end your subscription.

Yes, anytime.

If you want to cancel your subscription, please write an e-mail to support-uk@livahealth.com

No, it’s your choice. You can extend for as long as you want to continue your journey with Liva. 

Yes! We fully support that you would like to continue your journey with your current Liva Health Coach. You will automatically continue with your current coach.

Yes, if you’d prefer to switch things up with a change of Liva Health Coach we will do our best to honour your request. 

Please contact our Support Team on: support-uk@livahealth.com and let them know that you would like to change your Liva Health Coach.


Once you have graduated from your free programme, you log-in to your Liva app with your current log-in details, and you’ll be on your new self-funded extension programme. Everything will look the same as on your previous programme.

Yes, it won’t look any different from before – you’ll keep all your goals, resources and message history. 

Of course, please send your questions to: support-uk@livahealth.com and we’ll do our very best to answer them.


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