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Mask Group 14

Lost 56 pounds in 6 months

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Lost 42 pounds in 6 months

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People have already achieved lifestyle changes on the Liva programme

11.46 lbs

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40% discount - only £28 a month


You get your own personal health coach

With tailormade professional guidance and ongoing support from a personal health coach of your own choice, we are here to help you develop healthier habits that last.
Throughout the programme, your personal health coach will guide you step by step towards a healthier lifestyle.
The programme helps you to achieve your individual goals and empowers you to make your new healthy habits stick around even after the programme ends.


All guidance takes
place on the
user-friendly Liva app

You will receive weekly coaching through videos and texts on the app. Your coach will send you inspirational recipes, nutrition advice, exercise routines, and more, all based on your personal needs and the progress you’re making.
Alongside personal coaching, you can access groups of people on the same programme where you can share experiences and get inspired by each other.

What do you get?

In a live video session with your coach, you will get to know each other, set realistic goals and build a customised lifestyle plan together

You’ll receive weekly, personalised coaching through videos and texts on the app based on your personal needs and goals

Track your personal development through the app - you can always follow your goals and the progress you're making


Your coach can give you inspiration for recipes, personalised nutrition and exercise advice to help you achieve your individual goals

Even better, you won’t be alone. Alongside personal coaching, you will be paired with a group of people on the same journey, where you can share tips and tricks and get inspired by each other


£47 / month
Now only £28 / month

  • Fixed price every month
  • 45 min. live video kick-off session + weekly coaching

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Get your own personal health coach and tailored lifestyle change programme - now only £28 a month